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Five Reasons to Try Basin Washing!

Sometimes taking care of your hair can seem like such a chore! Why?

First, shampooing your hair adds an extra 10 minutes to your daily shower, which means wrinkled fingertips and borderline steam suffocation.

Then, you get to hop out of the shower, towel off and apply deep conditioner.

Next, you get to sit under the dryer or steamer while your hair conditions but your skin starts to dry out. Applying lotion seems silly because after you deep condition, you get to….hop BACK in the shower and rinse out the conditioner.

Then, you get to work with cold, wet hair as you roller set or start on your blow out.

And after your hair is done, your makeup is smeared (or non-existent) and you’ve sweat so much you need another shower.

It’s no wonder why we dread “hair” day!!

Well, I’ve recently made the switch to washing my hair in the sink aka basin washing! Here is a brief tutorial and a few reasons why you might want to give basin washing a try!

DIY Basin Washing Tutorial

1. Flip hair over so your hair is inside the bowel and the back of your head can easily make contact with the faucet head.
2. Turn on faucet and make sure the water stream can hit the base of your head. Note: You can always let the water warm up first.
3. Thoroughly saturate head first, turn the head from side to side so the water can reach all areas on the head.
4. Turn off faucet and apply shampoo to the back of the head, eventually working the shampoo to all areas of the head.
5. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat.
6. Lightly squeeze out excess water from the head.
7. Either flip hair over and apply conditioner as your normally would or keep head flipped over and start applying conditioner from the back of the head.
8. Deep condition and rinse out the conditioner with cool or lukewarm water.

Five Reasons to Try Basin Washing

1. It’s Faster

I’ve found that basin washing cuts the time it takes to wash and condition my hair in half. Since the water does not have to reach all areas of the body, you can wet and wash the hair more quickly.

In addition, you do not have to lather and cleanse the whole body so you can shave off an extra 5 minutes from the entire process.

2. It’s More Comfortable

Hopping in and out of the shower can be a pain, especially during the winter months! Basin washing allows the rest of the body and face to stay nice and dry. Already showered for the day? No, need to shower again just to wash your hair. Full face of make-up? No need to worry about raccoon eyes and/or washing away all that hard work!

3. Basin Washing Wastes Less Resources

Since you can turn off the water faucet while lathering, you save water. Great for those of us who have to pay a water bill!

In addition, I now only use a dish towel or hand towel to dry my hair. I just need to dry my hair, not my entire body. This way I can avoid drenching my bath towel. No more hopping out of the shower to a sopping wet towel!

4. Easy Clean Up

Rinsing out that deep conditioner can lead to slippery showers and clogged drains. With basin washing, just can use the same hand towel to easily wipe down the sink after you are finished and a drain catcher will catch any shed hair.

Also, instead of creating a product landfill in the shower, all products can be stored underneath the counter for easy access.

So, stop pissing off your roommate, significant other or spouse. They will thank you!

5. More Effective Washing

With basin washing, you can flip up your head while you lather and use the mirror so make sure you aren’t missing any areas. This makes washing a lot more effective.

If the water pressure in your shower is weak or the water stream from your shower head is spotty, basin washing can way more efficient. You can easily allow your hair and scalp to come into contact with the faucet head and water stream by simply rotating your head.

Note: If you have consistent or persistent neck or back pain, basin washing should be avoided as it may aggrevate pre-existing conditions! I would also avoid basin washing if you are rinsing out hair dyes, relaxers or other chemical treatments.

Anyways, just some food for thought if you are struggling with hair day! Do you basin wash? What are your tips and techniques?